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Happy to announce that I was featured in the “Art Magazine”  March issue 2020



















Upcoming shows:

 👀 : @ Annka Kultys Gallery, London, solo show, opening June 4

 👀 : @ Nagel Draxler Kabinett, Berlin, solo show, opening June 26



Latest interview @ Artfridge with Juergen Dehm:


“TO PAINT IS TO LOVE AGAIN”, groupshow with Gus Van Sant, Urs Fischer, René Ricard a.v.o. curated by Oliver Zahm (Purplefashion Magazine)

Opening: Jan 18th- 28th  at Nino Mier Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

7277 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046





Studio visit by Hans Ulrich Obrist ! :)






















“An Original Netflix Series”, soloshow curated by Mon Muellerschoen, now on view @ Hubert Burda Media

Art Talk with Prof. Dr. Thomas Girst (Head of Culture, BMW Group)