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Upcoming shows:

„35 Jahre Galerie Karl Pfefferle“, Groupshow with Sigmar Polke, Rainer Fetting, Walter Dahn, Andreas Schulze, David Lynch a.v.o., Karl Pfefferle Gallery, Munich, September 13- November 7 2k18


„Kommune Heinz“, groupshow (3),  Golestani Gallery, Dusseldorf, Sept 7- Oct 14


@Hubert Burda Munich, Soloshow, curated by Mon Muellerschoen, Munich spring 2k19





Happy and honored to officially be part of the Hubert Burda Collection!


Debütantenausstellung, Munich May 18- 26


Happy to announce that I graduated with honors: Debütantenpreis!

Feel free to pass by at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich, A01_05, opening hours below.

Meganice!!! The Artgorgeous from Hong Kong!Thank you!! #♥️
Thank you SZ!



Diploma/ Graduation Show: Feb 6!

Academy of Fine Arts Munich, Klasse Prof. Markus Oehlen, A01_05

Exhibition: Feb 6- 11

Opening- Laudatio:Dieter Rehm/ Dr.Angelika Nollert, Feb 6, 7 pm

Opening hours: Wed-Fri 2- 8 pm
Sat/ Sun 11 am- 8 pm

🔔 Klasse OehlenA01_05 📣
#diploma #academyoffinearts #2k18 





August 17- 27

VBK Berlin, Schöneberger Ufer 57, 10785 Berlin

Opening Hrs: Tue- Fri 3-7 pm

                          Sat- Sun 2- 6 pm

Don´t miss!





Grant 2017

Akademieverein, Freunde der Akademie 


„Emerging Artist“ Award 2016

C. Wills Foundation