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2024:  Solo exhibition New York City (debut), March 2024

Solo exhibition, Museum Sindelfingen, Germany, curated by Hannah Eckstein, January 2024


2023 : Art In Public Space commission, by Quivid, City of Munich (Awards/ Honors)


      „CTRL3R“, solo exhibition at Each Modern Gallery,

       Taipei, Taiwan, November 18th- December 23rd 2023


       „Welcome To Hell“, solo exhibition  at Kebbelvilla Museum, Schwandorf  

        in der Oberpfalz, Germany,  curated by Jürgen Dehm, 

       November 12th – December 10th 2023


       Artissima, Turin, Italy, with Nagel Draxler Gallery, November 3- 5, 2023


       „CyScapes“, solo exhibition at Nagel Draxler Gallery Berlin,

       Berlin Art Week, Sept 15th – November 18th, 2023







Art Talk on „The Digital Image- Reflections on the creative practice“,

July 7 th at the Philipps University Marburg, in cooperation with the art history faculty of the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich






















„Kunstforum International“, Band 276, Larissa Kikol












Happy to announce that I was featured in ELLE Germany, September issue 2020






























Happy to announce that I was featured in the „Art Magazine“  March issue 2020




















Latest interview @ Artfridge with Juergen Dehm:







Studio visit by Hans Ulrich Obrist ! 🙂






















„An Original Netflix Series“, soloshow curated by Mon Muellerschoen, now on view @ Hubert Burda Media

Art Talk with Prof. Dr. Thomas Girst (Head of Culture, BMW Group)