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2024:  Solo exhibition New York City (debut), March 2024

2023 : „CyScapes“, solo exhibition at Nagel Draxler Gallery Berlin,

            Berlin Art Week, Sept 15th – November 18th, 2023



            Solo show at Kebbelvilla Museum, curated by Jürgen Dehm (Nov ´23) 

            Solo exhibition at Each Modern, Taiwan, Taipei (Nov ´23)

           „Two Of The Same Kind“, groupshsow, Craig Robins Collection, Dacra,

            Miami Design District, Miami, USA  






2022 :“Two Of The Same Kind“, groupshow, Craig Robins Collection, Dacra,

           Miami Design District, Miami, USA           

           Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami, USA with Nagel Draxler Gallery

           Art Cologne with Nagel Draxler Gallery, Cologne, Germany

           TAMO AQUÍ/ WE HERE, groupshow, Embajada Gallery, Puerto Rico

           Armory Show, New York City, USA with Nagel Draxler Gallery

           DAAD grant USA




Art Talk on „The Digital Image- Reflections on the creative practice“,

July 7 th at the Philipps University Marburg, in cooperation with the art history faculty of the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich






















„Kunstforum International“, Band 276, Larissa Kikol












Happy to announce that I was featured in ELLE Germany, September issue 2020






























Happy to announce that I was featured in the „Art Magazine“  March issue 2020




















Latest interview @ Artfridge with Juergen Dehm:







Studio visit by Hans Ulrich Obrist ! 🙂






















„An Original Netflix Series“, soloshow curated by Mon Muellerschoen, now on view @ Hubert Burda Media

Art Talk with Prof. Dr. Thomas Girst (Head of Culture, BMW Group)