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Representing gallery: Nagel Draxler, Berlin/ Cologne/ Munich


















„Kunstforum International“, Band 276, Larissa Kikol


Upcoming/ Current:

👀: Art021 Shanghai, with Each Modern Gallery (Taipei)

👀: Art Basel, Basel with Nagel Draxler Gallery

👀: The Armory Show OVR with Nagel Draxler Gallery

👀:  „🦅“ solo show, Nagel Draxler Gallery, Cologne, Germany

Opening : Sept 3rd, 2021

Exhibition: 03. September – 06. November 2021





👀:  „Cyberpunk“, Each Modern Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan, groupshow with Egan Frantz and Stefan Mueller

March 10- April 10, 2021

👀: „New Situation- EM Staff Select“, groupshow, Each Modern Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan, opening Jan 6- Feb 6, 2021

👀: „#Interspace“, groupshow at Denkraum Deutschland, by Miro Craemer at Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, opening Oct 10- Oct 18

👀: Art Taipei, Taiwan, with Each Modern Gallery, in co-operation with Nagel Draxler Gallery, opening Oct 23- 26

👀: „#UnzUnzUnz“, (solo exhibition) @ Nagel Draxler Kabinett, Berlin, solo show, opening June 26- August 29

👀: „##“, (solo exhibition) curated by Juergen Dehm, one-off solo show @ Annka Kultys Gallery, London, opening June 18- July 18

👀: „On Speaking“ (groupshow) curated by Julia Eichler, Kienzle Art Foundation, Berlin, July 4- August 22

👀: „The Last Unicorn“, (groupshow) @ Museum im Prediger, Schwäbisch Gmünd, groupshow, opening May 31- January 10, 2021



Happy to announce that I was featured in ELLE Germany, September issue 2020






























Happy to announce that I was featured in the „Art Magazine“  March issue 2020




















Latest interview @ Artfridge with Juergen Dehm:







Studio visit by Hans Ulrich Obrist ! 🙂






















„An Original Netflix Series“, soloshow curated by Mon Muellerschoen, now on view @ Hubert Burda Media

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