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“#LANDSCAPE3.0”, soloshow guest feature @Galerie Karl Pfefferle, Munich

Opening January 24, 2k19, Art Talk with Prof.Dr.Bernhart Schwenk and Hell Gette at 8 pm

Show: January 25- March 9, 2k19























Image: “Venus 3.0”, see full title on Instagram, link above





Spring 2k19: Soloshow @Hubert Burda Munich, Soloshow, curated by Mon Muellerschoen



Interview with LVL3 Chicago, USA





Happy and honored to officially be part of the Hubert Burda Collection! (March 2k18)


Debütantenausstellung, Munich May 18- 26 2k18


Happy to announce that I graduated with honors: Debütantenpreis!

Feel free to pass by at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich, A01_05, opening hours below.


Meganice!!! The Artgorgeous from Hong Kong!Thank you!! #♥️
Thank you SZ!